For IT service providers and SMEs:

Plannable & secure growth thanks to information security according to the highest standards

Whether you want to protect your data and processes in a future-proof manner or open up a new field of business — here you get everything you need for robust and modern information security in accordance with CISIS12 and ISO27001.

Are you looking for...

... holistic protection for your data, systems and processes?

Nowadays, even laymen can launch successful cyber attacks with a little research.

In order to be spared despite the increasing number of these attacks, you need a reliable concept for your IT & information security.

This is the only way you can protect sensitive data and processes from theft and damage now and in the future.

... opportunities to open up new lucrative business areas?

The need for comprehensive security concepts and solutions is constantly increasing.

But only a few IT service providers are able to develop a robust ISMS offering in accordance with CISIS12 and ISO27001 to meet this demand.

What you need is in-depth expertise and a proven strategy for your target market.

Manuel Schuster

About GVD-IT

For over 5 years, GVD-IT has been supporting medium-sized companies and IT service providers as well as manufacturers of IT security products in implementing the highest information security standards.

Medium-sized companies benefit from reliable security for their data and processes. IT service providers are opening up a new profitable business area by expanding their portfolio with a modern ISMS offering.

Founder Manuel Schuster recognized during his work at McAfee, Bohnen IT and Innovate SYSTEMS that many medium-sized companies and IT service providers do not use all modern security options.

That is why GVD-IT supports ambitious IT service providers such as Innovate-Systems GmbH in setting up and expanding new business areas, as well as medium-sized companies such as troy GmbH in developing a solid ISMS and gradually improving it.

In compliance with the highest standards such as CISIS12 and ISO27001.

But also for special requirements such as BAIT — for example at vbw, where the ISMS functions as a flexible system for housing associations with savings facilities.

As a result, medium-sized companies benefit from holistic security for their data and processes, and IT service providers benefit from a solid business model that meets the very high demands of the market.

Use the highest standards of information security for your growth

With GVD-IT, you benefit from information security in accordance with CISIS12 and ISO 27001.
For robust protection of your SME's sensitive data and processes or as a valuable extension of your portfolio as an IT service provider.


Common questions and answers

What is CISIS12 and ISO27001?

CISIS12 is a German standard and a modular system that offers an ideal introduction to information security. ISO27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS).


CISIS12 is well suited for getting started in information security because it offers a certified consulting system and is tailored to German requirements.

What is the difference between ISO27001 and CISIS12?

ISO27001 is an international standard that is more comprehensive and has a deeper content than CISIS12. CISIS12, on the other hand, is a German standard and offers an easier introduction to information security.

Can I get even partial support?

Yes, if you have assistance with a specific question about information security in your company, we will be happy to advise you on this. You don't have to let us design your entire ISMS for this.

Do I have to hire new employees for an ISMS business segment or in accordance with CISIS12 or ISO27001?

No, we take care of the complete planning and implementation of the ISMS for your customers so that you don't have to take risks with expensive certifications or specialized employees.

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