More revenue through a lucrative information security offering in accordance with ISO27001 & CISIS12

Develop a high-quality information security offering in accordance with ISO27001/CISIS12 and turn it into a lucrative business model. For higher customer value, longer customer loyalty and a massive pull on new customers.

You want to generate more revenue from existing customers, but you have:

Not a modern portfolio, which covers popular offerings in the area of information security in accordance with ISO27001 & CISIS12 and you are worried that this will not be able to keep pace with your competition.

No expertise in the area of information securityto expand your offering with a competitive InfoSec package that will gladly pay existing and new customers well over many years.

No clear strategyto develop a future-proof business model with your new offering. They lack the resources and know-how to hire a specialist employee.

What would it mean for you if you could offer an advanced information security offering that...

  • ... increases your customer loyalty,...

  • ... increases your customer value...

  • ... and developed a pull on new customers?

How to develop a profitable information security offering in accordance with CISIS12/ISO 27001 for significantly more profitable long-term orders

1. Analysis & Strategy

We screen your customers with ISO27001 and CISIS12 and analyze your portfolio. We will then develop a clear strategy for you for attractive new information security offerings as well as suitable measures for all areas.

2. Implementation & optimization

Together with you, we develop offers that comprehensively meet the needs of your customers. We support you during development and implementation directly with your customers, so that you can expand your orders with various lucrative projects from the ISO categories.

3. Transfer & scaling

Your new portfolio provides you with valuable customer feedback, which in turn triggers a pull on new customers. As soon as your processes are ready and you have the necessary resources thanks to lucrative projects, we hand them over to an internal employee. Optionally, we can provide you with long-term advice even beyond this transition.

That's why GVD-IT is the best partner for developing your modern InfoSec portfolio

Over 12 years of experience in the areas of business development & IT security consulting for international IT companies, as well as practice-proven expert knowledge in ISO27001 and CISIS12.

Demonstrable success in opening up new business areas through newly developed, profitable offers for renowned IT companies.

Holistic support from analysis, product development and development of your business model to scaling through handing over to a new, specialized employee.

Are you ready to build up an attractive portfolio and sustainably increase your turnover?

Then click here now and find out how to develop a profitable information security package and turn it into a new, lucrative business model:

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