Nowadays, anyone can launch a successful cyber attack. We ensure that you are protected to the highest standards.

With the holistic ISMS concept in accordance with CISIS12 standards or ISO27001 from GVD-IT sustainably minimize your risks of expensive data losses, massive reputation damage and unpleasant legal consequences.

Did you know that...

... even laymen can launch cyber attacks on companies after a brief research on the Darknet that cause millions of dollars in damage?

... it is no longer enough to optimize the information security of your company once, because cyber criminals are also rapidly evolving?

... according to bitkom, over 84% of all German companies suffered a cyber attack in 2022, causing damage of over 200 billion euros?

This increases your company's information security requirements enormously.

You need a solid concept that reliably protects your data and processes against current and future cyber attacks.

The problem with that:
Many SMEs lack the necessary know-how to set up a solid ISMS (information security management system) with existing resources, which can also be easily adapted to modern requirements in the future. And at the same time complies with the specified standards of CISIS12, ISO27001 and BSI.
That is exactly what you get from us — ideally tailored to your needs and requirements.

How to reduce your security risks with CISIS12 and ISO 27001 without the need for specific previous knowledge:

CISIS12 is an established standard for information security, which is intended to help SMEs in particular to set up their data and processes securely and in compliance with the law. ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard that also sets conditions that your company must meet in order to be protected against modern cyber threats.

It is difficult for laymen to meet one or both standards. However, if you get support from a certified expert, you benefit from a reliable & future-proof ISMS with Jira, Confluence and Atlassian even without previous knowledge:

Easy implementation

CISIS12 and ISO 27001 provide you with structured and understandable framework conditions that enable you to effectively implement your security measures without any special previous knowledge.

Risk assessment and management

With our tried and tested risk assessment methods, you can quickly identify potential weak points and take targeted security measures.

employee training

Use our easy-to-understand training materials to increase employee safety awareness and minimize human error.

Continuous improvement

Thanks to the continuous improvement process of CISIS12 and ISO 27001, you can always stay up to date and adapt your security strategy to new threats and requirements.

External Requirements & Recognition

By becoming ISO 27001 certified, you demonstrate your commitment to information security to your customers and partners and strengthen trust in your company.

That is why companies like Troy and customers of the Association of Baden-Wuerttembergischer Wohnungs- und Immobilienunternehmen e.V. rely on GVD-IT for their ISMS:

Holistic security in accordance with recognized standards.

You will receive a solid & modern ISMS in accordance with CISIS12 and/or ISO 27001, which reliably protects your data and processes from current threats.

Individual concept and continuous development.

Your ISMS concept meets your individual requirements and is constantly evolving so that you are well protected against future threats.

Comprehensive project management.

After creating your ISMS concept, we ensure that it is implemented in your company carefully and according to plan by capable service providers.

Your next steps for a robust and sustainable ISMS with GVD IT:


Click on the red button to arrange a non-binding initial consultation.


During your non-binding initial consultation, you will receive an outlook and rough roadmap for your sustainable ISMS.


When we come to an agreement, we start with a careful analysis and the individual structure of your information security concept.

If you want to reliably protect your sensitive data and processes against current and future security threats...

... you've come to the right place. Click on the red button for a non-binding initial consultation and find out how you can confidently protect your information security against cyber attacks with a holistic and sustainable ISMS.

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